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Enduraprene TPE

Raw Enduraprene materialsEnduraprene is a versatile engineered TPE produced from recycled rubber and plastics. Our patented de-vulcanization process enables our materials to meet or exceed OEM specifications at a lower cost than competing materials. Enduraprene is a superior product when compared to other masticated and rubber “filled” products.

Superior Customized Performance

Enduraprene test laboratoryEnduraprene can be formulated to emphasize stiffness, flexibility, high/low temperature, strength and chemical resistance in unique compounds that compliment our standard product line.

Finished Parts from One Source

Enduraprene is engineered and fabricated from a single, vertically integrated source, streamlining your supply chain and insuring product integrity. Versatile processing options include:

Patented Fully Recyclable Process

Enduraprene’s patented process cross-links rubber and plastic enabling up to 80% rubber content. Not only does this mean better tear and tensile strength, it allows for better utilization of recycled rubber material. In fact, more than 99% of all production waste material is recycled back into the process.

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